Refer a Landlord, receive £250*

By submitting a landlords details you confirm you have asked for their permission and got their consent prior to sharing it with us. We will at this stage, only contact them to notify them of the referral and proceed with requesting separate consent from them prior to forwarding any marketing material.

I accept these terms.

*Terms and Conditions

Stirling Ackroyd accepts no responsibility for inaccurate information being provided.

The Stirling Ackroyd “refer a landlord” offer is a £250 reward to be transferred to the bank account details supplied.

The money will be sent to the referrer  after a successful recommendation.

A “successful recommendation” is defined by the completion of the let.

The referrer must have received the expressed permission of the referee to pass on their contact details to Stirling Ackroyd.

Stirling Ackroyd reserves the right to withdraw this referral scheme at any time without prior notice.